Truffles in Bluffton

Bluffton Restaurant Review – Truffles Cafe

I find it challenging to review local restaurant chains. On the one hand, I want to provide an authentic assessment of my experience – good or bad. The other, my local connections and love for Bluffton, pulls at my emotional strings, so I try not to be too critical. Thankfully, Truffles Cafe in Bluffton was a very positive experience.

As of this writing, Truffles boasts hundreds of reviews on Google and carries a 4.5-star rating, which seems pretty darn good for any restaurant. I can attest that the company is highly regarded in the Bluffton community, and the destination has always been a prevalent location for lunch and dinner.

Admittedly, it has been a decade since I have stepped foot into the restaurant. I only recently moved from Yemassee back into Beaufort County, so our family was reasonably excited to revisit the cafe, mainly since we have stayed away from eating out for over a year due to the pandemic. It is absolutely splendid to get back to dining out again!

Truffles Café is located in the Belfair Towne Village in Bluffton, South Carolina, and neighbors a Kroger, New York City Pizza, and Which Wich. The local spot offers a nice assortment of cuisine that almost anyone can enjoy, including classic burgers, crab cakes, and steak. They also provide an excellent wine list, mixed drink specials, and dessert. Prepare yourself for an upscale ambiance and friendly personnel.

What did we eat?

I ordered the nachos with spinach and artichoke dip, the gourmet chicken pot pie, and a glass of Lowcountry lemonade. I loved my entire meal and was 100% satisfied with everything. The nachos were crunchy, and the cheesy dip was stringy and tasty. My pot pie was delicious and silky, while the breading was fluffy and flaky. The whole meal was enjoyable and complimented well with a big glass of the Lowcountry lemonade, a mix of vodka, tea, and lemonade (I think), and it was just a fantastic experience.

My wife, a picky eater, was less enthused with the cuisine. She ordered the coconut shrimp with coleslaw and fries. She felt there was too much breading on the shrimp and disapproved of the creamy layer that separated the shrimp and the breading. I don’t know if this is a sauce or the coconut part of the batter, but she did not love it at all. At first, I thought the batter might be uncooked, but that was not the case. Thankfully, she savored the Lowcountry lemonade and appetizer. I ended up eating the coconut shrimp at home the next day. I am not a huge coleslaw person, but I loved it at Truffles.

Our two children ate chicken fingers with fries, and both were quite satisfied. There were no complaints there at all.

Finally, we ordered a brownie with vanilla ice cream, and the entire family was super pleased. We downright destroyed that dessert plate. The brownie mildly warmed and melted the vanilla ice cream, and it was enough reason by itself for us to keep coming back. We plan to eat a new variety of entrees to report on at a later date. So far, this is a very positive experience. We also hope to visit the Hilton Head Island location soon.

Lastly, I must add a segment on the service. The entire service team was fantastic. We ate dinner early, but the place was crowding up while we were there, yet our server didn’t miss a beat. The young woman was friendly, engaging, and regularly checked on us and our beverages. You just cannot ask for better service than this. A team of support staff also sporadically checked on us during our stay, which was terrific. Kudos to the management.

Again, Truffles deserves a solid rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars – in our opinion. We hope you visit Truffles Café on your next visit to Bluffton, South Carolina.